Launching of men's clothing brand


Andrea Manahan is a fashion designer and I used to work with her at a web agency.
She hired me to help her launch her brand. It was interesting that she has a passion
for men's clothing. I knew it's common for male fashion designers to do women's clothing
but the reverse idea was refreshing for me. The main goal of this project was to build an
online store but we needed a logo and a symbol mark before we progressed to the next step. 
Everything she makes are hand-made and the brand needed to reflect that aspect.
She had a clear vision of what her brand should look like and she came up with
a handful of keywords that had a connection to the theme.




Experimenting with logotypes


After spending some time with her, I started to grasp the direction I should be heading with the logo.
I first looked at existing typefaces to see if I could build up from it but nothing was close to my envision
that building up from it would be more wasteful than starting from scratch.

I started with hand sketches and tried various styles to see if something totally unexpected may come up.
I narrowed down to a certain style that I liked that I would want to explore more on a screen.  






exploring various applications of logo


The next stage for us was to produce a symbol that will be printed on a label and
explore how the logo type and the symbol can be used in many different applications.







Designing the platform