Language Learning iOS App


How it all started...

Hangulo is a self-initiated project and it's an educational app that is purposed to teach foundational concepts of the Korean writing, namely Hangul. I wanted to build an app that would speak for the amazing science behind the language and provide an interactive learning experience in a fun, entertaining quiz format .  

To tell you briefly about Hangul, it basically consists of 24 syllable characters. These characters are to be combined in a certain order and a pattern to build up a letter. The concept is simple but just like any language, it can be intimidating at first seeing these foreign characters.
I wanted to send a message that it's not that hard to learn after all.



I created these syllable characters as I needed them to be formed in a genuine way
using only primary shapes to minimise the confusion for beginner users.
They are categorised in consonant and vowel syllables and
I colour coded them to help with learning the language system.



If it wasn't for this project, I would have not been able to realise there are 6 fixed patterns in
combining the consonant and vowel syllable characters, even as a native Korean speaker.
It was crucial to know these patterns because an app can't just magically throw these boxes
from parsing a random data source. I created JSON data containing all quiz words
and I was able to build a sound data source from defining these patterns.



The concept of using this app would be straight-forward for anyone familiar
with the language but this app is primarily designed for beginner users who
would be new to Korean language. So a user guide or an on-boarding experience
would be crucial in keeping the user engaged with the app. I broke them down in a
small chunk of information giving users a clue in utilising the app as a learning material. 


Cracking iOS Development in Swift..

It has been a one-man effort coming with the app idea, designing it, building
the pre-launch landing page and lastly developing the app in Xcode .
Although I have a programming background both in front and back-end, 
it has certainly been a big learning curve working in a fresh new setup but it's been
a fun journey and I learned some tricks that could be useful in future projects.

Download for free and try it out!