Convey Law

Conveyancing Quote System

A New Zealand based law firm, Convey Law approached me to design
and build a new website with some special features. They wanted the new
website to be able to search up a property information such as market valuation,
property title. The purpose was to acquire a larger client base and
automate the process of buying and selling properties.

I designed and developed the website on Wordpress.
I used Google Geolocation API to get a geolocation data from the
address that a visitor would type in the search box. Geolocation data
such as longitude and latitude was required to access property
related information from the property API provider we chose to use.





Here is a property information page that shows search results from the address
that user typed in. The search needed to handle a special use case
where user only types in a street number for an apartment search.
In such case, I made the system to display a list of adjacent search results
and confirm which property the user intended to search.

We then provide options for the user to proceed with more valuable
information such as property value, nearby hazards and so on.