I'm Seong.

I'm a designer based in New Zealand. I primarily design for web and mobile platform. Born and grew up in Seoul until the age of 14, I have since lived and worked in New Zealand.

I got into art when I was in college and just got carried away with painting and drawing. Later in my senior college year I was introduced to graphic design and I was convinced by the idea that design can add value to our lives.

Pursuing this goal, I did 4 years graphic design degree. Since then, I had worked in web design, print design and software design which has been my focus for the past 5 years. In transition from website design to software design, I dedicated another year to study programming and finished a diploma. It gave me a deep insight about technology and helped me design for it with more confidence.

Outside my normal work and family life, I'm working to improve my illustration skills.
Feel free to check my work or contact me for your web or illustration project.